Шекспир: проблема авторства

Так случилось, что с 400-летней годовщиной кончины Шакспера из Стратфорда совпал другой, менее громкий юбилей: 10 лет организации «Коалиция Авторства Шекспира» — <Shakespeare Authorship Coalition> (SAC).

Она родилась в марте 2006 года, а год спустя по инициативе двух известных английских деятелей театра и кино Дерека Джекоби и Марка Райлэнса ею была представлена «Декларация Обоснованных Сомнений».

Картинки по запросу шекспир вопрос

Цель организации — узаконить в академических и профессиональных кругах проблему авторства шекспировских произведений, начать её широкое обсуждение. Тем, кто разделяет изложенные в Декларации взгляды, было предложено подписать её (на сегодняшний день подтверждённых подписей более трёх тысяч).


The <Shakespeare Authorship Coalition> (SAC) runs this website so anyone who cares about Shakespeare, as we do, can easily see why his identity has long been in doubt, and sign a definitive declaration addressing the issue — the <Declaration of Reasonable Doubt About the Identity of William Shakespeare>, located on this site. We have nothing against the man from Stratford-on-Avon, but we doubt that he was the author of the works. Our goal is to legitimize the issue in academia so students, teachers and professors can feel free to pursue it. This is necessary because the issue is widely viewed as settled in academia and is treated as a taboo subject. We believe that an open-minded examination of the evidence shows that the issue should be taken seriously. Your signature on the Declaration will help us make the case that there is reasonable doubt about the author.

What is the Declaration?

It was written to counter orthodox claims that there’s no doubt who wrote the works. It provides a concise, definitive overview of the evidence and arguments for and against William Shakspere of Stratford as the author. It was written not just to advocate, but also to educate the public about the controversy. Nearly three dozen Shakespeare scholars helped write it, and even some supporters of the Stratford man have praised it.

Among the many prominent people who have signed the Declaration are actors Derek Jacobi, Jeremy Irons, Michael York and Mark Rylance, founding Artistic Director of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London, and former U.S. Supreme Court Justices John Paul Stevens and Sandra Day O’Connor.

(The signatories page on this site shows a <complete list of all signatories>, plus separate lists for <notable> and <academic> signatories.)

Read and sign the <Declaration>.


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