«Physics Today» — опровергателям

ФизТудейPhysics Today — ежемесячный научный журнал, выпускаемый Американским институтом физики с 1948 г. Это солидное издание, по духу близкое нашему УФН. Сотрудник редакции Johanna Miller в своём Miller’s Diary (запись от 01.02.19) разъяснила политику журнала в отношении статей, ниспровергающих общепринятые теории. 
Она пишет: Physics Today is a magazine, not a journal. We don’t publish original research, and we’re not in the business of evaluating the correctness of new theories. Get your work accepted by a reputable peer-reviewed journal first, and then we can consider covering it in our Search & Discovery department
Под заметкой появились полтора десятка комментов, и я частично процитирую один, его автор — DSc, Retired Professor of Physics and Materials Science Johan Prins: 

There are no «reputable peer-reviewed journals» anymore! The system makes this impossible since one’s competitors in the field are asked to review. They will not allow publication of any paradigm shift that proves their own previous manuscripts have been incorrect. We are not living in the age of decency anymore…

An editor of Physical Review Letters informed me that they refuse to even consider manuscripts that purports to find faults in Einstein’s Theory of Relativity since it has now been so well established that it cannot be wrong.

This is of course treason against physics since it removes the possibility for physics to be self-correcting!