My main works on physics in English

Now people who do not read in Russian can get acquainted with my basic physical hypotheses — there are translations into English of my three major works.


1. Memoir on the Theory of Relativity and Unified Field Theory

(Second Version, 15 pages): <MemoirEnglish>

In 2000 I published in Russian a brochure «Мемуар по теории относительности и единой теории поля». Now it is presented the English translation of version II of the brochure with minor differences from the version 2000 (and with abbreviations not relating to physical content).


It is shown that the generally accepted Lorentz transformations have an erroneous form: they lack a scale factor (therefore the whole SRT is incorrect). It is well known, that at first Lorentz considered a more general form of transformations (with a scale factor), but then he, and after him, Poincare and Einstein equated it 1 without due cause. We have revealed the physical meaning of the scale factor — it characterizes the Doppler effect. A new kind of transformations (with Doppler factor) immediately removes paradox of twins and Ehrenfest’s paradox. The interval is no longer an invariant — only the condition that the interval is zero rests invariant. As a consequence, we get that the laws of nature are scale invariants. In GR there will be a grandiose simplification: the gravitational equation will be reduced to the d’Alembert equation. It seems that the way to the construction of a unified field theory is opening.

2. Subquantum Leapfrog

(5 pages): <SunQuanta>

The main provisions of this article were previously described in the article «Субквантовая чехарда», published in the Russian popular science journal «Chemistry and Life» (Химия и жизнь, 2005, No. 9).


A new interpretation of ones of the central concepts of quantum mechanics — the principle of superposition and reduction of the wave function in the measurement — are proposed. Applications of this approach to various phenomena of the microcosm are discussed. 

3. Platonic Solids and Elementary Particles

(8 pages): <PlatonParticles>

This is a translation into English of the abridged version of an article «Платоновы тела и элементарные частицы«, published in the Russian popular science journal `Chemistry and Life` (Химия и жизнь, 2006, No 6).


The groups of symmetry of regular polyhedra are considered. It is shown that a total number and types of gauge bosons in the Grand Unified Theory with the group SU(5) can be deduced from the structure of the cube rotation group. Possible connections of fundamental fermions with the icosahedral symmetry are discussed.