My hypothesis about the structure of DNA in English

This month, the scientific world marks the 65th anniversary of the famous article in `Nature` by Watson and Crick on the structure of DNA (just one page), as well as the 90th anniversary of James Dewey Watson.



In 1999 I published in the Russian popular science journal `Chemistry and Life` (No 9) the article in which has proposed another model of the DNA molecule (the idea itself has come to my head in spring 1979).

Now it is presented in English: <RibbonHelix>.



The well-known difficulty of the Watson-Crick model gives the right to assume its incorrectness. An alternative model of the structure of the DNA molecule called a ribbon helix is proposed. Unlike the double helix, in it two chains are not intertwined, but go in parallel; unlike another earlier proposed structure, the so-called side-by-side model, it differs in that it has a homogeneous, dextrorotatory character. The advantages of the proposed structure are shown.