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В интернет-магазине Amazon можно приобрести перевод книги И. Гилилова «Игра об Уильяме Шекспире, или Тайна Великого Феникса» на английский (а также русский оригинал):  <ГилиловАмаз>. На сайте магазина представлены 13 читательских отзывов на книгу, приведу два из них.

Grygoriy Kaygorodov (November 2, 2003):

Ilya Gililov’s book is quite an event in the Shakespeare authorship debates. The watermarks’ discovery converts the dead-end mystery of the Lover’s Martyr character’s prototypes into an open road for the honest researchers. As far as I know, nobody, except Gililov, has offered two such strong candidates for a poetic couple that died at the beginning of the 17th century (both almost at the same time) and had been mourned by the most famous and talented contemporary poets of England. For example, «Queen Elizabeth and Essex» theory is too weak and unrealistic.

Another Gililov’s hypothesis about the real author of the «Salve Deus Rex Judaeorum» sounds very convincing to me. Especially, after reading «Salve Deus» and some books related to the subject, such as:
— «Dr. Simon Forman. A Most Notorious Physician» by Judith Cook,
— «Redeeming Eve. Women Writers of the English Renaissance» by Elaine V. Beilin,
— «Women Writers of the English Renaissance» by Kim Walker,
— «Writing Women in Jacobean England» by Barbara Kiefer Lewalski,
I’m totally convinced that Aemilia Lanyer, an experienced flirt, could not suddenly become the most virtues and chaste Lady who valued woman’s virtue more than anything in the world. And if I let myself to imagine that this conversion wonder did happen, I would not be able to believe that this newly born chaste soul could immediately forget her own sins of the past. I was not able to find in the «Salve Deus» any regrets about them, vice versa, when reading the book, I had a feeling that the author had nothing to confess, she was proud of her personal virtue and had great trust and hopes for the other Ladies virtues, because she never failed herself.

About Boris Borukhov articles: I cannot say that the rude tone of his criticism and his «manners brightly shine». He may deserve some thanks for the small mistakes he corrected in Gililov’s book, but he treats a deserving scientist without respect, and he failed to appreciate Gililov’s important discoveries.

May 2, 2006):
This is a fantastic book. I have read it in the original Russian and cannot wait to read it again in English. This book is a true intellectual achievement. Even if Gililov’s theories will be proven to be wrong, eventually, this book is still worth reading since it is a perfect example of a true scientific approach to this problem. I have also read Borukhov/Gililov discussion on the internet in the original Russian and can only say that Borukhov does not offer any significant alternative theories. All he offers are minor corrections that in no way even begin to challenge Gililov’s premise.